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Executive Director & Founder

Kathy D. Woods was born in Cincinnati, Ohio.  After receiving her diploma from Robert A Taft High School in 1988, she attended the University of Cincinnati where she obtained units in Early Childhood Development. In 1996 she met the love of her life, Dana Michael Woods, at the Little People of America Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana. They married in 1998 and moved to California so Dana could pursue his acting career. In California Kathy continued her education in Early Childhood Development at LA Valley College. 


After the birth of their son DJ in 2008, Kathy became a full-time mom and house executive.  During that time her entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and she developed the KDW Collection, an online ready-to-wear clothing collection for adult Little People, specifically women, that would require little to no alterations.  Kathy was frustrated with the lack of ready-to-wear clothing and costly alterations she and her husband had experienced as people of short stature.  She felt it was time to make a change in the fashion industry for Little People.  Kathy is the first African American to develop the first clothing line for adult Little People. Her mission was to serve the Little People community by offering them a fresh and exciting brand of clothing with impeccable fit, style, and a timeless appeal that could not be found anywhere else.   


During the Obama Administration, Kathy was invited to the White House twice.  In 2015 she was invited to attend the 25th Anniversary celebration of the Americans with Disabilities Act where she had the pleasure of meeting President Barrack Obama and now President Joe Biden. Then in 2016 Kathy was invited to the White House in recognition of her hard work for the KDW Collection.  Kathy’s dream is to one day meet First Lady Michelle Obama whom she sees as a fashion icon. She is also inspired by First Lady Michelle Obama’s approach to raising expectations and pride among African-American women and girls. Kathy also hopes to one day meet Vice President Kamala Harris and Dr. Jill Biden as they all share a passion for education and humanity.  


Kathy has now taken on the role of Parent Liaison for her son’s classroom and spends most of her time advocating for him and students like him by securing grants for the betterment of classrooms throughout the nation.  


Kathy is a peacemaker, she loves God and people, she strongly believes in paying it forward, and she believes that giving is living.



Dana Michael Woods was born in Roxbury, Massachusetts, an inner-city of Boston.  Growing up, Dana quickly grasped the idea that to be successful at anything, you had to be passionate about it.  He found his passion in performing.  As a child, Dana would memorize popular commercials from the 70’s and repeat them around the house.  He attended the Elma Lewis School of Fine Arts located in Roxbury where he was inspired to pursue a career in the performing arts.  After graduating from Wellesley Senior High School, Dana went on to study acting at “Emerson College”.


In 1996, at the Little People of America convention, Dana met the woman who would later become his wife, Kathy Champion. He was impressed and encouraged by Kathy’s independence and strength. They dated long distance for two years and were married in 1998. After marrying, Dana and Kathy moved to California so Dana could pursue his acting career full-time.


Dana has been a professional working actor and stunt performer for over twenty years appearing in numerous commercials.  His television credits include: “Entourage”, “Shameless” and “Southland”.  Character roles in feature films, such as “Who’s Your Caddy”, “Girl In Progress” and “The Minis,” line his resume.  Dana has also taught acting at Curtain Call, a Performing Arts School in Santa Clarita, California.  He is currently working as a stunt double on the Netflix show Raising Dion in Atlanta, Georgia, and teaching a virtual acting class to inner-city teens.  Dana works side by side with his wife Kathy to fulfill the mission of Grace 4 Champions.

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Inspirational Contributor

Dana Michael Woods Jr. (aka DJ) is the son of Kathy and Dana Michael Woods Sr. He was born with a form of dwarfism called Achondroplasia, and in 2020 he was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. However, those labels do not define or limit him.


DJ is an inquisitive and brilliant young man with many interests and talents. He enjoys listening to all kinds of music from classical and R&B to Rock and Roll. He also loves math, working on projects with his dad and wearing suits. He has a wit and charm that is so inviting and he loves to help others.


DJ hasn’t decided what he wants to be when he grows up yet, but he is weighing all possibilities. Currently DJ is happy helping his mom and dad by being the inspiration behind Grace 4 Champions.

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