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In 2018, after residing in California for 20 years, Kathy and Dana Woods decided to move to Atlanta to be closer to family. The transition proved to be especially tough for their son DJ. During an intense 4th grade Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meeting for their son, the Woods experienced first-hand the vast communication gap that often exists between parents and teachers. As a former Early Childhood Educator who also worked with children with special needs, Kathy understood the frustration from both sides. True to character, rather than complaining about the situation, Kathy was motivated to find a way to bridge that gap. She began to pray, and while scrolling through Facebook she came across Rita Pierson's Ted Talk, Every Kid Needs A Champion.

That phrase really hit home for the Woods family a year later when DJ was promoted to the 5th grade and diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder. The diagnosis came as no surprise to Kathy. She and Dana had been so pleased with his current teaching team, referred to as Mrs. Osborne’s Crew, that they made the decision to retain DJ for the betterment of his growth.  They wanted their son to continue thriving in the stern, loving hands and learning environment of Mrs. Osborne. This was a decision made in spite of the experts’ advice to promote him to the 6th grade.

Now, more than ever, Kathy and Dana were determined to be champions for their son. After arming themselves with prayer, research and passion, Grace 4 Champions was born. It is no coincidence that Kathy's maiden name is Champion, and she is a true champion at heart.

Grace 4 Champions was created to transform the lives of students and teachers by advocating for them and providing funding to obtain the necessary classroom tools and resources needed to ensure they thrive in a successful learning environment. Kathy and Dana believe G4C will enable teachers to become worry-free champions and allow their students to be victorious in obtaining their education.



"Every kid needs a champion." - Rita Pierson

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